East Mountain Directory has been independently owned and operated by east mountain residence since 1981. The EMD has been and still is the most widely used phone directory in the east mountain area. We take pride in offering the highest quality at affordable pricing. We treat each customer honestly and fairly. EMD is owned by Mike and Beth Meyer who live in Tijeras.  They purchased the company in March of 2010. Michael brought 36 years of all facets of publishing experience. The corporate name is Meyersart, Inc.

Our experienced sales reps are Paul Rothberg and Mary Safford. They have 12 years of combined experience selling advertisement and assisting customers wiith ad design and ad copy. We design customer ads to their specifications at no additional cost.

Our books are printed at Liberty Press in Utah, who specialize in high quality directory printing, and they have a strong "green" program. 100% of their paper is produced from wood chips created by sawmill waste combined with recycled paper. Click here to find out more about how green we are. We use a whiter ground wood sheet than most other directory publishers. This means colors and especially photos with reproduce better and grab more attention.  

Advertising deadline is typically August 31st. The directory is updated and printed each November and subsequently mailed to each resident and business in the East Mountain area.

If you are a resident and have not received a directory the post offices usually has them, or you can stop by our office at 12126 Hwy 14 N, Cedar Crest. 


Our printed directory also contains resident and non-advertising business listings in our white pages. This information is purchased from Quest each year. If you believe there is an error in this information please correct it with Quest. They can be reached at 800 244-1111 for Residents, and 800 603-6000 for businesses. It should also be noted that if a business has chosen not to be listed as a business or is using a cell phone we probably didn't list them, unless they are one of our advertisers. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.



We also publish the East Mountain Living Magazine, which is supported by our advertisers and available free at locations throughout the East Mountains. All articles are originated by our writers and are copyrighted. Any reproduction is prohibited without permission from principles at East Mountain Directory.





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