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The East Mountain Directory print version is mailed to each east mountain resident and business in November each year. The average distribution is about 22,000 copies. Advertising deadlines are typically August 31st, but we do process late comers in September each year. Advertisers benefit from both print and our online directory. We can list your business and/or make changes to our website at anytime during the year.

Advantages of advertising in the EAST MOUNTAIN DIRECTORY:

  • Our directories have been considered to be the east mountain phone book since 1981. It has been and still is the most comprehensive and reliably acurate source of business information for the east mountain.
  • We distribute to every resident and business by mail, which is over 22,000 books. Compare that with any other advertising source including the local the newspaper's distribution numbers.
  • Our online directory advertisers are found as a result of google, bing and yahoo searches that target East Mountain buisneses. 
  • Our online directory reformats for smart phones.
  • Your business information is directly accessible from popular search engines such as google, bing, etc. Your listing can be upgraded with additional keywords to increase its search ranking.  
  • We can update your business information at anytime during the year.  
  • We can also allow you to add up to 300 words of extra text to your online listing to  better describe your services.
  • You will be able to post videos of your business on the new site.
  • We can provide advertisers banner ad space on the main page or preferred advertiser space.  
  • If you missed the deadline for the book, but you would like to be listed in our on-line directory now, we can create an on-line listing for you.

East Mountain LIVING Magazine

East Mountain Living Magazine is published in April and November each year and distributed free to over 15000 readers throughout the east mountains, Albuquerque, Madrid and Clines Corner. We have magazine racks at all major shoping areas in throughout the east mountains.



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Advantages of Advertising in

East Mountain Directory Yellow Pages

All information is a result of studies from the following sources:

Market Authority Analysis - MA
Dr. Dennis Fromholzer Industry Expert - DF
University of Chicago Study Lead by Professor Susan Showder

Advantages of Yellow Page Advertising

  • According to extensive research by Market Authority, 67% or more use Yellow pages in areas like the East Mountains (see map at the end of this article). MA
  • Baby Boomers, spend the most and use yellow pages the most. The average expenditure for 50-64 age bracket is $763 per year nation wide. For those 65 and older it is $1096 per year.
  • Yellow Pages are best the best source for finding local business. Alternatively, Google searches are not specifically relevant to our local market, as they include mostly Albuquerque businesses.MA
  • Nationwide trends show that calls generated by yellow page advertising have increased over the last 3 years.MA
  • Over all, yellow page advertisers average $9 in sales for every $1 spent. ROI is higher in smaller, rural markets like ours. Some studies have shown $30 in sales for every $1 spent.
  • Most independent YBs have increased in sales or size in the pass several years.
  • Statistics show millenniums do use print yellow pages.. Nothing dies. DF
  • YBs are directional media meaning people use when they are ready to buy.
  • YB calls have increased 37% in last 3 years, nationwide. DF
  • Names & Numbers who publish the Santa Fe book are up 35% in calls evident by the fact they have a service track all calls.
  • Typically people that look at Yellow Pages are ready to buy now.
  • On the average, one call from a Yellow Page ad is worth 25 times a click on the internet based on the advertising investment.
  • 9 out of 10 people who use the yellow pages make a purchase.

Is the Internet a Reliable Way to Promote Your Business

  • Internet media companies have been busy creating the illusion that people are primarily using the Internet instead of using print yellow pages. People are using the Internet, but not as much as you might think. A Lubbock, TX study shows that 70% used the Yellow Pages to research their purchase and only 17% purchased as a result of searching the Internet.MA
  • There are two basic ways for a small business to be found on the 1st page of a search results page. The "organic" approach and the paid approach. The paid approach is when a business buys keywords/adwords from Google to get in the search results for that keyword. The more paid the better chance of getting on the 1st page. Statistics show that most searches that actually result in purchases are from the organic method. For Example, in Seattle the organic was 38% and paid was 15% in 2015.  The organic approach requires a high degree of SEO knowledge and continuous massaging of content in order to rank high with Google, which is unrealistic for most small business, especially if they have a lot of competition in the field.MA
  • Still, Businesses should have a website with content containing verbiage that people might search on. They should also be active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We also highly suggest you check your listings on Yelp and other such websites, for accuracy, add photos and add whatever is missing. We would be happy to provide more help on this front, and remember, as an advertiser you are automatically published with your own page on our website: eastmountaindirectory.com. We can enhance the content, ad photos and videos if you are interested. Give us a call at 505 281-9476. 

How Businesses can improve Advertising Return on Investment

  • Advertisers with larger ads have better presence, and statistically get more calls, or better ROI. Statistically doubling the size of ad results in 30% more calls.
  • 45% of users are looking for a specific firm, and 57% looking for any firm.MA
  • The ad that has more specific information will get more calls. Ad should influence and say what their business does. Ad Content is most the significant quantifier.
  • The ad with more lines gets more calls that with minimum information.
  • Ads with multiple phone numbers get more calls. Note: business should make sure phone is answered and at very least the message is professional.
  • Local phone numbers are more effective than 800 numbers.
  • Don’t assume that everyone knows your business and therefore you don’t need to advertise.

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