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Articles from East Mountain LIVING Magazine related to Artists from the east mountain area of New Mexico.

The Animal Art of Nancy Wood Taber
Michael Meyer: Portrait and Landscape Painter

by Guest on 12 June, 2012

Artists Profiles


2012 East Mountain Living profile on artist Michael Meyer, an artist proficient in oil and watercolor. Continue reading →

Jeff Warren Fine Artist

by Guest on 3 May, 2013

Artists Profiles


2013 East Mountain Living profile on artist Jeff Warren. Jeff has spent a lifetime steeped in the Arts, studying his craft and developing his skills while searching for ways to instill a voice of his own. He now paints his signature style, which he refers to as Romantic Realism. Continue reading →

Painter Diane Buster Captures New Mexico’s Ever-changing Landscape and Light

by Guest on 6 May, 2013

Artists Profiles


2012 East Mountain Living profile on artist Diane Buster. Continue reading →

Ray Ortiz Excels in the Art of the Miniature

by Guest on 12 May, 2014

Artists Profiles


Although Ortiz works in a variety of mediums, including pen and ink, charcoal, and acrylics, he gets the most pleasure from painting watercolor landscapes. And, while 60 percent of his work is still in miniature, he is beginning to expand into larger format painting. Continue reading →

Art Eclectic

by Guest on 24 March, 2015

Artists Profiles


London born and New Jersey raised artist Rich Troyanowski had his first artistic encounter in the third grade, when he helped his older sister with an art project. It wasn’t until age 16, however, that he realized his talent for painting. Continue reading →

From Cowboys to Cougars

by Guest on 21 May, 2015

Artists Profiles


Gary Byrd was raised in southeastern Oklahoma, the son of a country veterinarian, Byrd often accompanied his father to local ranches. He enjoyed the exposure to animals and to cowboys and ranchers. He loved the Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, where he spent hours studying paintings and figuring out the particulars behind the process of creating them. Continue reading →

Renaissance Woman

by Guest on 13 June, 2016

Artists Profiles


Sandi Ludescher, born in Chicago and raised in Southern California, would eventually parlay her trio of childhood interests into a series of adult vocations—artist, photojournalist, musician—but painting has always been her greatest passion. Continue reading →

Elevating the Clay

by Administrator on 11 April, 2017

Artists Profiles


The Ceramic Art of Tatiana Hunter Continue reading →

The Bold Vision of Artist Cassandra Gordon-Harris

by Administrator on 4 May, 2017

Artists Profiles


2008 article in East Mountain Living Magazine on Cassandrq Gordon-Harris Continue reading →

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