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Septic System Installation & Repair

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  • Engineered, Alternative & Conventional Systems
  • Site Evaluations & Test Pits
  • Septic Tank Risers
  • Concrete & Plastic Riser Lids
  • Grey Water Systems
  • Pump Replacement & Repair

Septic Tanks & Materials

  • Certifications Completed for Property Transfers
  • Pre-cast Concrete, Fiberglass & PVC Tanks
  • Water Harvesting Tanks
  • Distributor of Drainfield Chamber Systems
  • FUJI Clean Advanced Treatment Systems
  • (Authorized Distributor)

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New Mexico’s Septic Service Experts!


When your septic system or septic tank needs pumping, cleaning, repair or maintenance, York Septic provides septic service and septic tank installation Albuquerque can count on. Commercial and residential real-estate septic tank inspections are no problem either. York Septic is known amongst their peers as the Drain field repair specialist and specializes in salvaging neglected septic systems. An overflowing septic system needs urgent attention and the fastest septic tank pumping in Albuquerque also happens to be York Septic. Often times a septic systems maintenance is neglected.

A septic system maintenance contract will help you stay on top of your septic systems maintenance requirements.

Why should I call York Septic for my Septic Tank Pumping?
We believe in delivering the quality our clients deserve and have years of experience behind our licensed and experienced technicians. Our reputation has been made by designing reliable septic tank systems and delivering the kind of septic service in Albuquerque, that will be sure to leave you satisfied. If you want the best septic tank pumping Albuquerque has to offer call now, or contact us.

Products/Services offered

Septic System Installation

Septic System Installation New Mexico can count on! York  Septic has installed thousands of septic tanks in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico.  This experience coupled with the right design by York Septic means you get this septic system you want, at the price you like, done right the first time.

York Septic will determine the correct type of septic system for your property and install your septic tank in an efficient and professional manner.  Experience brings speed as you may have a Low Pressure Dosing Septic System, Conventional Septic System or Aerobic Septic System installed, all of these types of septic systems require experienced hands and design backed by in the field, time-tested knowledge of septic systems.
York Septic provides all materials, labor, tools and if necessary backhoes for your septic tank installation.  If you live in the hill country, your lot type will be a factor during your septic system installation, as well as perc tests of the soil on your property.  These are large factors in placement as well as any existing structures on your property.

For more information about septic system installation contact us.

Septic Tank Inspections

Septic Tank Inspections by York Septic Systems Albuquerque.  If you are buying or selling property which has a septic system on its premises you should get the septic tank inspected before purchasing that property.  Malfunctioning septic systems can be quite expensive to repair.  York Septic Systems Specializes in salvaging neglected septic systems.

York Septic will inspect your septic system for;

  • Septic Tank Leaks
  • Septic Tank Cracks
  • Healthy Scum Levels in Septic Tank
  • Baffles and Plumbing in Septic System
  • Septic Tank Odor and Septic System Drain Field Odor
  • Alarm Testing for Septic Tank liquid Levels
  • And More….

York Septic has over 30 years of experience in septic tank inspection Albuquerque.  

Contact Us to send York Septic an email or call York Septic today.

Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater harvesting is the gathering and accumulation of rainwater. This has many uses once it has been stored, i.e. for irrigation, fountains, ponds, animals, and watering of landscaping. Stored rainwater can sustain landscaping in a drought and saves well water or money on water bills. Collecting rainwater and using it purposefully in the ground allows for the water to be cleaned by the soil’s microorganisms. It also allows that specific area of soil to grow plants that may not survive on typical rainfall alone.

For more information about rainwater harvesting installation feel free to contact us.

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