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East Mountain Living Spring/Summer 2014

Fall/Winter 2014
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The Long and Winding Road to Wildlife West

May 12, 2014

There are several things about Roger Alink you can absolutely count on: he’s almost...

Make Your Fitness Personal

May 12, 2014

“This is it—2014 will be the year I get fit! No more junk food, no more watching...

Ray Ortiz Excels in the Art of the Miniature

May 12, 2014

Ray Ortiz has been drawn to art for as long as he can remember. While he had occasionally...

Barbara Chung Brings the Fine Art of Baking to Mountainair

May 12, 2014

“I’m a professional eater,” says Barbara Chung, unabashedly. “But,...

Talking Talons is Helping Out and Giving Back

May 12, 2014

If you live in the East Mountains you probably know about Talking Talons. Maybe...

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Providing business directory information to the following New Mexico townships:
Cedar Crest • Edgewood • Tijeras • Moriarty
Estancia • Sandia Park • Mcintosh • Stanley • Torreon • Willard • Mountainair

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The Long and Winding Road to Wildlife West
A profile of Roger Alink who founded and runs Wildlife West in Edgewood. more →
Make Your Fitness Personal
This article talks about personal trainers and methods used. more →
By Jeanne Drennan May 12, 2014 Fitness
Ray Ortiz Excels in the Art of the Miniature
Profile on Ray Ortiz a NM artist who has won numerous awards for his minitures. more →
By Beth Meyer May 12, 2014 Artists Profiles
By Robert Groos May 12, 2014 Dining
Talking Talons is Helping Out and Giving Back
Talking Talons does extensive work with youth groups and the community. more →
By Chris Mayo May 12, 2014 Business Profiles
Bella Notte Prepares Authentic Italian in the Heart of Estancia
Bella Notte serves outstanding Italian food and located in Estancia, NM more →
By Beth Meyer May 12, 2014 Dining
Rock Climbing in the East Mountains
Overview of the rock climbing sport in the sandias. more →
By Sonya Ewan May 12, 2014 Outdoor Recreation
Outlaw of the Turquoise Trail
Marino Leyba, was the leader of a band of thieves and murderers who in the 1880s terrorized the villages of the Sandia Mountains and beyond. more →
By Denise Tessier May 1, 2014 Historical
Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument
Ancient Indian ruins in the East Mountains. more →
By Robert Groos May 1, 2014 Attractions
The Past is Golden
The gold rush in Golden NM more →
By Mike Smith May 1, 2014 ROOT
Canine Good Manners on the Trail
How to handle your dog on the trails more →
Schwebach Farm: A Family Tradition
Fresh Produce in the East Mountains more →
By By Jeanne Drennan May 6, 2013 Gardening
Oasis in the Desert: The Renewal of Carlito Springs
Carlito Springs in the East Mountains more →
By By Denise Tessier May 6, 2013 Historical
The Seven Heavens
Underground church in the 60's more →
By by Mike Smith May 6, 2013 Historical
Wine With Everything
Holiday Wine Recommendations more →
By By Rena Distasio May 6, 2013 Dining
Estancia Valley Classical Academy
Estancia Valley Classical Academy (EVCA) more →
By By Beth Meyer May 6, 2013 Educational
Snowshoeing For Fun and Fitness
winter activities in the east mountains: snowshoeing more →

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